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Valpak Antifouling coating materials are especially developed only for use on the aquaculture nets.  They prevent gathering of algae, barnacles and hydroids on the surface of the netting cages.

The prime purpose of using Antifouling coatings is to protect the net fibers from fouling with growth.  This will be done accordingly with our Antifouling, and it is also said to be one of the major reasons for the increased net life.

In addition it protects the fibers from the degenerative effect of sea water and UV light rays.  The less need for the handling and washing of the nets due to the  reduced fouling is the greatest enhancement to the net life.

The properties of our antifouling are based on the partial leaching of copper oxides when the impregnated netting cage is placed into the sea water (in situ). As it is internationally proven, these copper percentages are in limited quantities as they are defined from the EU relevant directives, and do not occur any damage to the fish or the sea surrounding.

The available SDS confirm that the chemical active ingredients are used in the limited possible and permitted level so that there would be no harmful results to the sea environment as well as the end users.

Our  Antifouling  products are water diluted and allow fast dry of the netting, maintaining them soft and easy for handling. They are ideal for repeated antifouling impregnations as they penetrate deeply the inner yarns of the nets.

They are available in both red and black colors.  The use of our Antifouling has not any waist at all as it does not stick on the wall sides and the bottom of the tanks, providing environmental and economical benefits.

The excellent quality along with the best financial offered terms and conditions have made our products within only two years the best selling aquaculture antifouling in the whole Mediterranean territory. The first samples have already been tested in the Northern European seas with excellent results so far.  For more information concerning our Antifouling outstanding market position please visit the section “SALES” of our website.

Valpak offers support services to customers in a multi-level approach. Starting from basic over-the-phone support, customers may select to receive expanded assistance that reaches the level of dedicating consulting and customized sales and services such as: 

  • Technical assistance and know-how for establishment of new installations for impregnation.
  • Subcontracting services for antifouling impregnations in favor of antifouling users/customers.