Valpak specializes in designing and producing of multi colored camouflaged soft top covers known also as tarpaulins, that provide protection from visual and near infrared reconnaissance.

The multispectral properties of our camouflage screens are incorporated to the common vehicle covers adding one more cost effective tactical advantage to the camouflage techniques.

The high tenacity and durability of the best worldwide quality PVC fabric that we use, exceed the operational use of five times more than the usual canvas and the low gloss developed special coating paints enhance the VIS-NIR properties providing high level protection from the visual and near infrared reconnaissance.

Camouflage pattern painted vehicles blend well with the background and can hide from optical and NIR sensors better than those painted a solid subdued color.

Pattern painted tarpaulins enhance anti-detection by reducing shape, shadow and color signatures.  Valpak has already provided multi colored PVC covers for Armored Vehicles and Main Battle Tanks, as well as for various other special application covers like Field Fuel Transferable Tanks and Camp Fences (to eliminate visual transparency). 

NATO standards specifications are available upon request.