RDS – Rapid Deployment Shelters

Valpak develops and provides rapid deployment military shelters for use in disaster relief efforts and on the battlefield.

Valpak rapid deployment inflatable tents are suitable for a variety of purposes such as field hospitals, army headquarters and command posts, mobile command centers and medical units.

Armed Forces, Civil Protection, Fire Brigade, Rescue Teams are among the users of that type of shelters for numerous applications.

In the event of a natural disaster it is essential for emergency forces to set up command and control, medical and communication stations in situ very quickly. Valpak provides the most rapid deployment military shelters,  available also for the aforementioned civil authorities, from unpacking to full inflation in a few minutes.  The tents are fully integrated, meaning that sidewalls, roof, gables and floor are one piece.  This concept uses inflatable purlins which act as arches that pull the tent’s hard PVC fabric shelter, so there is no need for additional poles or supports.  A major benefit is that it requires a minimum number of persons (depending on the size of the shelter) for the deployment and installation freeing up military and emergency personnel for more pressing tasks operations.

The absence of an interior membrane keeps the tent lightweight more than  other inflatable units, but additional features are available such as hard flooring, insulation, lateral and emergency doors, windows, electronic climate control, computer installations and others, so that the best possible living/making conditions are achieved.  Inside the shelters there are possibilities of mounting equipment such as lighting and personal effects.  The tents design and anchoring system provide high stability and wind resistance.

The high pressure Air Beams used as the internal arches (low pressure are also available) replace the aluminum frames providing low volume which allow an entire base camp to be very easily transported.

The shelters are fully customizable and can be interconnected.  The erection is very simple and there are no special tools required.  Their maintenance is easy during field operations while repair kits are provided together with the shelters.