Valpak is a major producer of sophisticated military camouflage systems and coated fabrics and provides technical and operational services to a broad range of governmental agencies.  Valpak is also a global supplier of advance military items related to special vinyl coatings such as rapid deployment tactical shelters, infrared camouflage military covers and insulated thermal over boots.

As the latest multi-spectral high resolution sensors technology is fast evolving, modern camouflage techniques have already taken a multi-spectral approach.

The cat and mouse game will never stop but the main fall out is the hindrance to all of us to be able to study ongoing research.  Valpak provides signature management solutions and is prepared to furnish camouflage systems as well as vinyl coated military products, to whatever specification desired by the customer taking into consideration the terrain parameters that may be unique for every particular case.

Today the technological development has sharpened the sensor systems and changed the conditions of war.

The main threat today comes from the Air as the new high quality airborne reconnaissance radar systems can provide initial exploration surveys, making necessary the development of improved camouflage concealment and deception techniques.