Valpak camouflage systems incorporate the latest technological developments and “Combat Proven” experience to confront the threats from VIS-NIR-RADAR imaging and targeting devices. 

Valpak considers every country and every user of camouflage systems as unique with its own needs specifications and objectives.  Field surveys, excellent “Combat Proven” camouflage screens, long experience in deception techniques and training of personnel consists of a fully operational customized range of products.

In addition to these high importance parameters, Valpak camouflage screens are extremely durable as well as tolerant in extensive operational use withstanding rugged environments.  The main textile fabric specifications related to fungus, flame, water and tearing resistance are fully covered, while due to their low weight Valpak screens are deployed with exceptional ease.

Valpak state-of-the-art camouflage screens comply with all the NATO specifications as well as a lot of other unique technical descriptions edited by various military end-users.

Valpak offers all the well known modern camouflage screens types such as:  

  • 3 Dimensions double sides colored camouflage nets (LCSS type)
  • 3 Dimensions one side colored camouflage screens (ULCANS type)
  • 2 Dimensions camouflaged screens so called (2D type)


The above types of camouflage are ideal for concealing a wide variety of equipment like command and communication centers,    missile launchers,    fixed wings aircraft and helicopters,    armored and artillery tactical vehicles,    patrol boats and coastal ships,    ground installations.